Audubon painted the pigeons, observed the flocks and took notes

Why did the Passenger Pigeon become extinct Audubon

Audubon painted the pigeons, observed the flocks and took notes. The Passenger Pigeon was once the most abundant bird. Not only in America, but perhaps in the whole world. In 1800 North America was filled with more than five billion Passenger Pigeons. Passenger pigeons were hunted by Native Americans, who treated nature with enormous respect […]

The quality of facsimile and giclée prints

Gies Pluim and Marcel Salome Re-art with a giclée print

When writing this post, a big smile comes across my face. It reminds me of my late father. Like world travelers of the 18th and 19th centuries he believed in the beauty of nature, as it was portrayed in art. The art of nature Seeing the most beautiful illustrations of animals, birds, flowers, butterflies and […]

Why can I not buy my online giclée prints framed?

Why not buy my giclée prints framed.

Frames protect your giclée print from damage and degradation, and the prints look much better when framed. However, the qualify of the frames, and the cost of framing, varies enormously and a frame can even be more expensive than the print itself. In addition, the colour and design of the frame will need to be […]

Why are John Goulds illustrations so special?

Gould - Asia 6 - Formosan Bamboo-Partridge

Gould is often referred to as the ‘father of birds’ and nearly 3,000 unique images were produced during the span of his long career. As a gardeners son Gould loved animals and was deeply passionate about the natural world. During his travels, he met Elizabeth who was as keen on natural history as he was. […]

A giclée print is not a poster. But what are the differences?

Re-art cheques the giclée print Heritage Prints A giclée print is not a poster

A lot of products are labeled giclée and even posters made by a department store are sometimes called giclées. But what are the differences? A poster is a large format paper, printed with standard inks. These ink types fade very quickly. Also the paper used for posters is acid, which turns the poster color into yellow. Because […]

The Red-breasted Merganser; its habitat and character

John James Audubon Birds of America Plate 401 Red-breasted Merganser Giclée Print

This plate by Audubon shows the Red-Breasted Merganser (plate 401). Both the male and the female are depicted. It is a pity that you cannot see the image in full size, because then you would see the fine details that Audubon painted with watercolor. Sparkling and shining watercolor The female looks gray at first glance, […]

Audubon’s Birds of America

John James Audubon Birds of America Plate 301 Canvas Backed Duck Giclée Print

The Library of Cornell University contains a remarkable book of John James Audubon: The Birds of America. Todd McGrain, Creative Director of the Lost Bird Project visited the Library.  Audubon was particularly interested in birds, and he decided to observe, record, and draw all the birds of North America. His illustrations were detailed, and he […]

Restless Beauty Of Elliot’s Birds Of Paradise

It is so interesting that XIX century zoologists or ornithologists were, actually, better illustrators than their contemporaries at that time. This is because of their holistic and, above all, scientific approach to the species they were researching. Daniel Giraud Elliot was one of those – a real bird lover who was not so famous for […]