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Edward Donovan Insects of China, India and New Holland Giclée Print

Who was Edward Donovan?

Who was Edward Donovan? Edward Donovan (1768–1837) was an Anglo Irish writer, natural history illustrator and amateur zoologist.  Born in Cork, Ireland, Donovan was an

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Les Roses | Pierre Joseph Redouté | High quality giclée prints
Les Roses

What is ‘Les Roses’?

Les Roses by Pierre Joseph Redouté Pierre-Joseph Redouté’s Les Roses contains perhaps his most celebrated images, which the artist issued while under the patronage of

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Robert John Thornton Temple of Flora Heritage Prints Giclee Prints
Temple of Flora

Who was Robert Thornton?

Who was Robert John Thornton? Thornton was born in 1768, the same year in which his father died. With a keen interest in nature, Thornton

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John Gould Heritage Prints Who was John Gould

Who was John Gould?

Who was John Gould? Over his lifetime, John Gould (1804-1881) created over 40 volumes of work, with over 3,000 colored plates, providing amazing insights into previously

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