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Black-headed Gull Plate 064 by John Gould – Birds of Great Britain Volume 5, the Natatores. Museum quality giclee print. Facsimile Giclee
Birds of Great Britain

What is The Birds of Great Britain?

The Birds of Great Britain by John Gould John Gould’s The Birds of Great Britain (1862-1873) represents a development of an aesthetic style in which illustrations of

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Gould - Birds of Asia Volume 6 - Formosan Bamboo-Partridge
Birds of Asia

What is The Birds of Asia?

The Birds of Asia by John Gould The Birds of Asia (1875-1888) is regarded as one of John Gould’s greatest works. The collection contains 530 hand-colored lithographed

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Who was Daniel Giraud Elliot? Giclee Prints by Elliot

Who was Daniel Giraud Elliot?

Who was Daniel Giraud Elliot? Daniel Giraud Elliot (1835-1915) was a zoologist and ornithologist, ommissioning the greatest bird artwork since Audubon.  Although Elliot had artistic

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