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Our artists: Audubon, Gould, Elliot, Thornton and many more

Audubon’s Carolina Parrot

Gould’s Cinnamon Firecrown

Elliot’s Red Bird of Paradise

Thornton’s Roses

Discover our exclusive collection of historical giclee prints

In addition to giclee prints of our major historical artists John James Audubon, John Gould, Daniel Giraud Elliot and Robert Thornton, we also have giclee prints of famous artists such as Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Karl Bodmer, Maria Sibylla Merian and many more. 

The artists were fascinated by nature. They traveled the world to paint birds, flowers, butterflies and mammals. Some artists were particularly interested in native Americans and the landscapes they lived in, or in architecture.  

Most artists were explorers and traveled widely, driven to show the world their discoveries. 

And like these artists, we also want you to experience the joy of owning beautiful works of art. 

Piranesi Le Vedute di Roma
Giovanni Battista Piranesi
Maria Sibylla Merian - Metamorphosis insectorum Surinamensium (2nd edition) – Museum quality giclee print by Heritage Prints
Maria Sibylla Marian

Owning a complete set from the artist

It is possible to buy a complete sets of prints to add to your collection.

Our high-quality historic giclée prints are identical to the original. All sets are printed with a maximum of 50 set-copies, signed and numerd and stamped with a blind embossing. 

We use age resistant white etching paper (with a weight of 270 gr/m2); archival ink which resists fading for over 100 years. Moreover we can safely say that our giclée’s are printed in the highest possible resolution.


The complete sets vary in number and size, but a complete set will always include: 

  • 1 or more title pages.
  • 1 or more content pages.
  • A complete set of prints. 
  • A certificate of authenticity.
  • A handcrafted folder with gold lettering, or a handcrafted Solander Box with gold lettering.

If you are interested in owning a complete set from the artist, please feel free to contact us for more information and, in the meantime, check out all our complete sets for yourself.

Our quality process

1. Digitalization

Digitalization of the proces facsimile Re-Art Heritage Prints

Re-Art uses a Cruse Fine Art Scanner. This scanning camera is state of the art when it comes to digitalization of originals. The major museums in the world use these high quality fine art scanners.

2. Retouching

Proces of printing giclée prints facsimile Retouching the original

Small brown patches of acidification in the paper frequently appear. These are expertly digitally retouched, while maintaining the characteristics of the original.

3. Proofing

Re-art cheques the giclée print Heritage Prints A giclée print is not a poster

In the proofing phase the eye and expertise of the color lithographer is absolutely essential. His knowledge and skill ensures that the color of the facsimile is as close as possible to that of the original.

4. Printing

Printing the facsimile by Re Art Heritage Prints

We use Epson printers because the Piezo print technique is the only one which can actually squirt 2880 ink drops per inch on paper, whereby the facsimile prints are exceptionally sharp and detailed.

Read more about our quality process

Overview of the process

Heritage Prints. Founder Gies Pluim in Teylers Museum
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See our video for a complete overview of the quality process, digitalisation, retouching, proofing and printing.

About Heritage Prints

Heritage Prints is a Fine Art studio that focuses on historic facsimiles. We offer high quality giclée prints, custom coloring and curation.

We create reproductions of original 18th and 19th century artworks from private collections and international museums.

We pay attention to every detail to ensure that our facsimiles are virtually indistinguishable from the original.

We are proud to be a supplier of the Audubonhouse in Key West since 2008. 
Read more about Heritage Prints. 


Testimonals and Customer Experiences

“Thank you very much for this beautiful print.”

“I brought the prints home from the framers yesterday. They really look spectacular. The colors are truly amazing.”

“We hebben de ‘Tulips’ ontvangen. Erg mooi. We gaan ze nu alle drie laten inlijsten bij het adres dat je doorgegeven hebt.”

“Thank you for your nice and pleasant demeanor. It has been a real treat to work with you on this.

“[…] I am very pleased with the quality, and with the fact that the customs process was easy and straightforward.”

“Vanochtend langs geweest bij Re-Art. Heel blij met de afdrukken van de volledige set van Piranesi Carceri.”

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