Daniel Giraud Elliot

7 March 1835 – 22 December 1915

Daniel Giraud Elliot's books and illustrations

Daniel Giraud Elliot was a zoologist and ornithologist, ommissioning the greatest bird artwork since Audubon. Although he had artistic skills himself, Elliot recognised his own limitations and preferred to commission other artists to bring his ideas to life. Elliot’s collections therefore are created mainly from the work he commissioned from others. 

Selected publications are: (1) Family of the Ant Thrushes (1861-1863); (2) Family of the Grouse (1864-1865); (3) Family of the Pheasants (1870-1872); (4) Birds of Paradise (1873); (5) Family of the Hornbills (1882), and (6) Family of the Cats (1883).

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