Bird Art On Superior Quality Giclée Prints

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The main difference between artwork reproduction on the original material and that same artwork done in Giclée printing is about the technique. Although many would prefer having a reliable reproduction instead of digital print, giclée prints provide superior quality compared to classic reproductions. The secret lies in special, light-fast, inks that remain true for up to 25 years. Of course, if the prints are stored well and kept out of the Sun, they can last much longer.

The same principle applies to bird art; exclusive illustrations, paintings and drawings are printed in the same quality. Giclée art prints can be done on any material, including high-quality white paper or even canvas. There is absolutely no need to discuss over the colour and life span of these prints. Furthermore, there are currently over 240 million search results for ‘’bird art’’. Most of the searches match with art prints, large posters and bird art prints. So, these bird art techniques seem to be more popular than the reproductions of originals.

For example, let’s take bird art collection done as facsimile prints. These are also giclée prints done in the highest resolution. Taking in consideration that these are unique collections of ornithological prints, their value is very high since the originals are held in museums and couldn’t be copied so easy. Heritage Prints, on the other hand, has access to Teylers Museum in Haarlem, Netherlands where these collections are archived and stored.

Having in mind the value of the originals, Heritage Prints makes facsimile prints for extensive collection of bird art paintings and illustrations. We have almost 1,000 bird art prints in our collection. Each print is done in limited number of copies. These facsimiles are not only reliable reproductions; they represent real art expressed on a superior quality prints. According to the quality and accessibility to original pieces, the price of bird art prints is really competitive. It ranges from $99 – $200 and above.

Since there are many variations of bird art reproductions, many decide for posters or art prints. These options are really cheap, but their quality cannot be measured with the quality of Heritage Prints’ facsimile bird art prints. The entire process of giclée printing is done seriously, from scanning the originals, taking original colours, until printing on a high-quality paper. The prints are done in original sizes, thus keeping the look & feel of the originals. Despite the fact that posters of bird art and similar prints are very popular, we guarantee the best possible quality and time resistance.

In bird art collections, we offer facsimile prints of bird art from the following artists: John James Audubon, Daniel Giraud Elliot, Jean Théodore Descourtilz, John Gould, Francois Levaillant, Cornelius Nozeman, Hermann Schlegel, Johann Michael Seligmann, Brown, Capt. Thomas.