Restless Beauty Of Elliot’s Birds Of Paradise

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It is so interesting that XIX century zoologists or ornithologists were, actually, better illustrators than their contemporaries at that time. This is because of their holistic and, above all, scientific approach to the species they were researching.

Daniel Giraud Elliot was one of those – a real bird lover who was not so famous for what he did during his years of “creative research”. Of course, his work gets more famous after his death and years ahead.

One of his best collections of bird art illustrations is “A Monograph of the Paradiseidae” or “Birds of Paradise”, which dates from 1873. This is a 208 pages publication. Heritage Prints holds a stunning collection of 37 prints from the collection “Birds of Paradise” by D.G. Elliot, illustrated by Smit after Joseph Wolf and coloured by J.D. White. These are life-sized prints, taken from the original publication. The price of each piece is the same, just like the quality of each print.

The first association of birds of paradise connects the viewer to the areas of New Guinea and Australia (the places where the species could be found). At the time Elliot was exploring and creating these wonderful notes, people could just dream about the appearance of these beauties. But, later on, viewers did have a chance to admire these rarely beautiful species from the artistic perspective. Daniel Giraud Elliot enabled in on the one hand.

On the other hand, original prints of birds of paradise have made these illustrations timeless. Now we can all see how birds of paradise look like at: National Geographic Channel, magazines, photos on the Internet, etc. But, their real value is not only in seeing them “online”. It’s about having them “live”. With life-sized prints this is possible and fast.

The restless beauty of Elliot’s birds of paradise is not just in simple bird art. These birds surely represent an outstanding example of evolutionary adaptation. Birds of paradise are not just “birds”; they are: wilderness, colors, sounds, exotic view and motion at the same time. Birds of paradise were not only the objects for ornithological experiments and researches; they were interesting just by their physical appearance. On the other hand, their life cycles represent a phenomenon per se. That’s why birds of paradise were (and still are) so interesting for researching, but also illustrating.

Illustrations of Birds of Paradise done by Heritage Prints are now on sale, which means that you get a great discount for life-sized illustrations (taken from originals). The size of each print is 595x485mm, making it perfect for a room or office view. The lively image of each bird is real refreshment to each home. Moreover, if you like these species, the overall feeling will be much intensive. The illustrations are timeless, the beauty is restless and the value is infinite.