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Custom coloring

True to the originals, our set of Bodmer giclée prints are produced in black and white.

However, you may want to bring your print to life with color and have them hand-colored in period color palettes. 

Part of the charm of hand coloring is that each print will be worked on individually. While two prints may have the same overall appearance, the fine detail and brush work will, upon close inspection, be found to show small differences.

In effect, each hand-colored print will become a new original!

Meet our expert Jane Niebling

The hand coloring of etchings and engravings is a very skilled task. Coloring must be carried out in a manner sympathetic to, and working with, the printed detail of the original.

At Heritage Prints we therefore work exclusively with print colorist Jane Niebling, who has worked as a print and map colorist for private collectors, dealers and gallery owners for more than 25 years.

She uses only the finest watercolor and gouache paints, in period color palettes, to hand-color each individual print. This takes several hours per print, but the results justify the effort involved, making each print unique.

The clarity of color achieved, and the depth of tone, is truly amazing and is unequaled by other printmaking methods.


Bring your print to life!

Shown below are two Bodmer prints, illustrating the beautiful effect of hand-coloring a black-and-white print.

Travels into the Interior of North America - Karl Bodmer - Giclee Prints
Travels into the Interior of North America - Karl Bodmer - Giclee Prints - Hand colored

Bodmer and Schlegel prints

In addition to our Bodmer prints, we also have 6 black and white Schlegel prints (see picture), which you can have hand-colored. 

We have conducted detailed research to obtain the correct, authentic color references for each individual Bodmer and Schlegel print, and various examples are available on request.

However, it is also possible for you to choose your own colorway; just remember to send us a sample of the colors you would like us to use.

If you would like to have your prints hand colored, just let us know when you place your order and we can arrange this for you.

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