Own a complete collection of your favorite artist

When you fall in love with the work of a particular artist you will want to explore everything they created. Owning an entire collection from the artist is the perfect way to immerse yourself in their work. 

Now you can own a complete collection of your favorite artist, with high-quality giclée prints that are identical to the original in size, color, and tone.

A complete collection includes all the prints from one specific book of an artist. From the ornithological collections of Audubon and Gould to the Roman landscapes of Piranesi and the 19th century American West of Bodmer, you will find a diverse range of collections from world-renowned artists.

With a complete set, you can take your time, enjoying and reflecting on the individual plates that make up an artist’s most important work.

Limited editions

Owning one of our collections is the perfect way to invest in, and enjoy the beauty of your favorite artists.

Choose from 40 collections, including Audubon’s Birds of America, Bodmer’s Travels in the Interior of North America, and Piranesi’s two great collections; Le Vedute di Roma and Carceri d’Invenzione.

Numbered, signed, and stamped with blind embossing

We know how special it is to own a piece from your favorite artist; a piece that will be a real talking point in your home.

That is why each edition is limited to just 50 prints. These are numbered from 1/50 to 50/50 and are signed and stamped with a blind embossing.


When you invest in our prints or collections, you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity. This provides a lasting record of your artwork and gives you valuable certification if you ever wish to sell or bestow your collection in the future. 

So when you choose prints from Heritage Prints, you know your artwork has been printed with great care and in limited numbers, making it a print only a select few will own.

Quality process

Each set of giclée prints is printed in the original size, with precise color matching, to give you a collection that appears exactly as the artist intended.

All of our collections are printed on age-resistant paper, using fine art digital printing processes which resist fading for 100 years.

The Solander Box

When investing in a complete set, our Solander box is the perfect place to store your collection. This high-quality box is designed especially for keeping your prints safe and in perfect condition – yet you can still easily look at them whenever you wish.

With its classic design, the Solander box is named after Daniel Charles Solander (1736-1782). A Swedish botanist and Keeper of Printed Books at the British Museum, Solander sailed on the Endeavour with Captain Cook on his expedition to the Pacific.

In his quest to find the perfect way to store drawings and important documents, Solander invented the book-form box, now known as the Solander box. His invention is still used by librarians and archivists today and is considered the best way to store prints, drawings and manuscripts.