Why can I not buy my online giclée prints framed?

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Frames protect your giclée print from damage and degradation, and the prints look much better when framed. However, the qualify of the frames, and the cost of framing, varies enormously and a frame can even be more expensive than the print itself. In addition, the colour and design of the frame will need to be chosen to compliment the wall and room where the print is being displayed. It is, therefore, a very personal decision.

Shipping costs

Shipping is much more expensive when your art is framed, because the frame is fragile, bulky and weights more. A good quality giclée print can be rolled up and is easy to ship, making the whole process more cost effective.

We will send your print(s) carefully rolled up in a hard carton tube box.
We will send your print(s) carefully rolled up in a hard carton tube box.

Personal taste

It is no surprise then that most people choose to buy their giclée print unframed. Every home has a different style, and individual tastes vary enormously, so when you buy your print unframed, you are free to make up your own mind.

Mrs. B.: “I would buy unframed as I have in the past, then I can choose my own framing to suit my décor.”

Mr. M.: “I would prefer to buy an unframed print, so I could choose the frame myself. The main thing is the print!”

Mrs. S.: “I would definitely prefer to buy unframed.”

To frame or not to frame?

A well-designed combination of frame, mount and print greatly enhances the enjoyment of your beautiful work of art, giving it more visual weight. Moreover framing your high quality giclée print is necessary to protect it from damage and for easy of display.

Unframed artworks offer you the opportunity to choose a suitable frame in your own price range and, because our giclée prints are museum quality, the selection of a suitable frame can actually add value to your print.  

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