A giclée print is not a poster. But what are the differences?

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A lot of products are labeled giclée and even posters made by a department store are sometimes called giclées. But what are the differences?

poster is a large format paper, printed with standard inks. These ink types fade very quickly. Also the paper used for posters is acid, which turns the poster color into yellow. Because of this simple printing process, a poster often is very cheap.

A certified giclée print is a high quality art print and the printing process is complex. First the original work of art is photographed and scanned into a computer. Then the scans are matched with the original in size, color and tone, and only after approval the limited-edition series are printed. Using pigment based inks and the highest quality acid free archival paper, the technique achieves a print that looks identical to the original piece of art. Giclée prints are often seen in galleries and even museums. They are signed and numberd to a limited edition and are therefor importend voor collectors.

Certificate of autenticity and certified Art Giclée Print Heritage Prints

Our Certified Art Giclée prints are created by Re-Art in the Netherlands.