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Why is the Falcon a Symbol of Success?

The ancient beliefs considered the falcon as a symbol of higher vision when it comes to solving problems or dilemmas of our lives. It's symbolic meaning dated from animal totems, where the falcon represented a medium asking for higher knowledge during harsh times. Since it was a symbol of the rising Sun in Egypt, the falcon also represented a solar emblem for success. All in all, the falcon symbol stands for visionary power, wisdom and guardianship.

From the business side, the falcon totem encourages us to make well-calculated strategies. These strategies are known to be strongly focused on desired goals. The activities that we plan to take will bring these goals into reality. For example, if we are passionate about taking some action, the falcon symbol will help us to achieve what we planned. So, besides the impression provoked by the physical look of this bird, the falcon also has many symbolic connotations. All of those can be connected to this strong and determined bird.

The falcon is not famous just because it is a historical symbol of power. When you look at the bird, you see its power and the sharp elegance it bears. Moreover, falcons have exceptional power of vision – visual acuity is 2.6 times that of a normal human. Vision is often related to success, especially in business. Elegance, speed, vision and respect are best describing a successful person. The same words describe the falcon. Its body feels secure; the mind even more. As symbols for success, the image of falcons can be found on many business logos or corporate imagery.

Back to the 18st and 19th century, the falcon also attracted the famous John James Audubon. He illustrated the falcon in his collection “The Birds of America”. This collection counts two illustrations – one is Rough legged Falcon, while the other is Labrador Falcon. Since the original book is kept in Teylers Museum in the Netherlands, Heritage Prints had an exclusive right to access the originals and make highest-quality giclée prints. These prints are done in original size (99cm x 66cm).  

audubon rough legged falconAudubon labrador falcon

Not only the prints resist the time & make an exclusive personal collection, but the quality of each falcon print really reassembles its symbolic meaning. The moves, colors and size of each print display the strength and determination. The falcon print is therefore not just an object - it is an object of motivation. As housekeepers, Audubon’s falcons bring additional value to your living and/or working space by delivering knowledge, strength and the extraordinary state of mind – associated with speed and precision.

The biggest advantage of the entire collection “Birds of America” by Audubon is that all prints are done in exactly the same size as the originals. Literally copied from the originals. The technique that we use does not affect the quality of the prints; au contraire, the quality seems much better. And it lasts much longer than regular digital prints or standard reproductions. We guarantee the quality of Heritage Print’s giclée prints. And the beauty of Audubon’s falcons supports their symbolic interpretation and provides success to their owner.