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Audubons on kitchen wall

Pride of place in the kitchen - they are stunning!

We love them, thank you!

London, UK

Hi Babette --

The prints are magnificent. And the Solander boxes were worth waiting for. Thank you so much.


Solander box


Hi Babette,

The  prints are fantastic!  They are the best prints I have seen on paper with the Amsterdam Edition Audubons which were the best prints of the Havell originals.

The paper is excellent, like a velvety watercolor paper. The Dutch know what they are doing! 

Have a fantastic weekend,


Hi Babette,

The prints were actually delivered early, and I've just gotten back from taking them to be framed [Piranesi Carceri].  

They really are beautiful reproductions, even better than I expected from the pictures on your website. I can't wait until I have them framed and hung.

Jonah Tane

I got it!  Thank you, I absolutely love it.  It's so beautiful I can't stop looking at it. 

I love it and got it framed immediately after I received it. Thank you again, it really makes me so so happy. 

Javan Rhinoceros Hornbill


Heather Gilmartin

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Dear Gies,

Though I've had my beloved Sacred Bean for a day now, I'm still at a loss for words! Perhaps no words are necessary, only the tear of joy it brings to my eye. So very beautiful! What deep, luscious color! The paper is elegant, the printing exquisite! I'm struck by the three-dimensionality of the image - such depth!

I am beyond pleased and so appreciate the depth of care, attention, and expertise in your work. Thank you!

Gratefully, Susan Bernstein

I forgot to mention, additionally, how lovely the Certificate of Authenticity is!

Dear Sirs,
After seeing the original Audubon drawings of Birds of America in the Teylers museum, I purchased a giclée reprint of the Colombia Jay from your firm Heritage Editions. The skillful application of the giclee technique, the direct access to the originals at the Teylers museum and the beautifull framing makes it a work of art. I truly enjoy it.

Derk Bol

Dear Sirs,
Reeds geruime tijd siert de door u geleverde prent 'American Flamingo' van J.J. Audubon onze huiskamer op. Op de kwaliteit van reproducties in het algemeen is vaak zeer veel aan te merken, maar over de door u geleverde prent ben ik 100% tevreden. De afbeelding is voor mijn gevoel exact gelijk aan het origineel dat ik in Teylers Museum heb gezien en de details van de prent zijn schitterend weergegeven. Uw manier van reproduceren vind ik heel bijzonder en het resultaat onvergelijkelijk mooi. Onze 'American Flamingo' is echt een 'super-giclée'.

vriendelijke groet

C. Aaftink, Heemstede

I wanted you know I received my print today. I thought it looked spectacular! I rushed it to the framer so I can hang it as quick as I can. The Mockingbirds with the rattlesnake has been one of my favorites!
Thank You,

Clay Jolly
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Hi Gies,
The print was delivered today - it is beautiful. I took a peek at it. The quality of the reproduction is astonishingly good. Frances is going to be so pleased and surprised when she sees this on Sunday. Thank you so much for the fast service. I'll be sure to tell her you are responsible. :-)

Now we will have to figure out how to mount and display this, but that is a pleasant problem to have. If anyone inquires about the origin, I will direct them to your site. Thank you again for helping make my wife's birthday this coming Sunday a great occasion.

Carrell K