About our giclée prints

There is a timeless quality to great art. This is especially true when you own a giclée print from your favorite artist.

Whether you are looking for feature artwork for a wall, or simply want to celebrate a particular picture that you love, we have curated a huge range from some of the great artists of the 17th-19th centuries.

We offer high-quality, historic giclée prints, that are identical to the original in size, color and tone.

We are proud to be an official supplier of the Audubonhouse Gallery in Key West since 2008.

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What is a giclée print?

The word giclée comes from the French verb gicler, which means ‘to squirt’ or ‘to spray’. This refers to the process used when creating giclée prints; a process created especially for the reproduction of fine art.

Using pigment-based inks and the highest quality archival paper, the technique achieves a print that looks identical to the original.

By using high-quality materials and processes, we ensure the end result will bring you many years of enjoyment as our giclée prints are created to resist fading for 100 years.

Giclée prints are far superior to standard inkjet prints. Using the giclée process, it is possible to match the artist’s original tones and colors precisely, to deliver artwork that is indistinguishable from the original.

Our categories and artists

In our vast collection of prints, you will find a range of different categories including birds, butterflies, flowers, people and wild cats.

Our print collections include some of the greatest artists from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, including Bodmer, Piranesi, Audubon, Elliot, Gould, Descourtilz and Merian.

To make it easy for you to find your favorite prints, we have organized our artwork both by category and by artist. Browse through our entire collection of prints and find the piece you will fall in love with.

We offer high-quality, historic giclée prints, that are identical to the original in size, color and tone. They are created in editions of max. 250 prints, signed, numbered and stamped with a blind embossing, with a certificate of authenticity included. 

We have a wide range of unique collections with beautiful prints from world-renowned artists. A complete collection includes all the prints from one specific book of an artist, cased in an elegant handcrafted Solander box. 

Our colored prints have deep, luscious colors. The Bodmer prints are produced in black and white, true to the originals. But you can bring them to life and have them hand-colored in period color palettes.

Featured artists