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Carceri d’invenziones

Carceri d’invenziones

The series 'Carceri d'Invenzioni' were composed in 1760. This which was re-elaborated in the 'Invenzioni e Capricci di Carceri' with two additional plates added. The 'Carceri' (prisons) are in fact a series of 'Capricci' or 'Scherzi di Fantasia' in the manner of Tiepolo, whose work Piranesi saw during his last trip to Venice and which was to influence him greatly, and which was to be of fundamental importance in his technical development. In his etchings, the forms are quickly sketched out and traced on the plate with the same fluid, summary method which can be found also in Tiepolo's fantasies, but in a similarly personal style, and with mysterious subjects. Piranesi had begun to abandon the idea of disciplined planning in his work
for him the imaginary world was too rich to be defined within the inflexible limits of a strict doctrine or canons of taste. In this work the artist was continually making new discoveries, towards a new world of ideas. 'Piranesi is to be considered as one of the emblematic figures of Romantic Art along with Goya, Füssli and Blake (Kenneth Clark, The Romantic Rebellion, London 1973, page 46). Piranesi's other work included the 'Magnificenza et architettura de' romani' (1761) (the magnificence of the architecture of Rome), and the 'Diverse maniere di adornare i camini e ogni altra parte degli edifici' (1769) (various methods of decorating fireplaces and every other part of buildings). Many of his plates are in the Calcografia Nazionale in Rome