Philipp Franz von Siebold

17 February 1796 – 18 October 1866

Physician, botanist and traveler

Siebold was a German physician, botanist, and traveler. He taught some pupils Western medicine in Japan.

He achieved prominence for his study of Japanese flora and fauna, and was the father of female Japanese doctor, Kusumoto Ine.


During his stay in Leiden, Siebold wrote Nippon in 1832, the first part of a volume of a richly illustrated ethnographical and geographical work on Japan.

The ‘Archiv zur Beschreibung Nippons’ also contained a report of his journey to the Shogunate Court at Edo.

He wrote six further parts, the last ones published posthumously in 1882; his sons published an edited and lower-priced reprint in 1887.