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Gould Birds of Asia Vol-1

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Gould Birds of Asia Vol-1


Quick Overview

Gould Birds of Asia
  • Taken from the original editions
  • Printed in the original size
  • Age resisting white etching paper
  • Archival ink resisting fading for 100 years
  • Highest possible resolution

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Prints in collection

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-01 Black Vulture

    Black Vulture / Otogyps calvus

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-02 Bengal Vulture

    Bengal Vulture / Gyps Bengalensis

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-03 Shaheen Falcon

    Shaheen Falcon / Falco Peregrinator

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-04 Red-naped Falcon

    Red-naped Falcon / Falco Babylonicus

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-05 Saker Falcon

    Saker Falcon / Falco Sacer

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-06 Lanner Falcon

    Lanner Falcon / Falco lanarius

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-07 Jugger Falcon

    Jugger Falcon / Falco Jugger

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-08 White-winged Red-footed Kestrel

    White-winged Red-footed Kestrel / Erythropus amurensis

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-09 Rufous-breasted Spilornis

    Rufous-breasted Spilornis / Spilornis rufipectus

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-10 Black-and-white Crested Eagle

    Black-and-white Crested Eagle / Spizaetus alboniger

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-11 Govinda Kite

    Govinda Kite / Milvus Govinda

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-12 Celebean Elanus

    Celebean Elanus / Elanus hypoleucus

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-13 Indian Scops Owl

    Indian Scops Owl / Scops pennatus

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-14 Bay Owl

    Bay Owl / Phodilus badius

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-15 Brodie's Owlet

    Brodie's Owlet / Athene Brodiei

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-16 Speckled Wood-Owl

    Speckled Wood-Owl / Syrnium Ocellatum

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-17 Indian Screech Owl

    Indian Screech Owl / Strix indica

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-18 Grass Owl

    Grass Owl / Strix candida

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-19 Mahratta Nightjar

    Mahratta Nightjar/ Caprimulgus Mahrattensis

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-20 Palm Roof-Swift

    Palm Roof-Swift / Cypselus infumatus

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-21 Crested Tree-Swift

    India Crested Tree Swift / Dendrochelidon coronatus

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-23 Wallace's Tree-Swift

    Wallace's Tree Swift / Dendrochelidon Wallacei

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-24 Bearded Tree-Swift

    Bearded Tree-Swift / Dendrochelidon mystaceus

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-25 Hooded Tree-Swift

    Hooded Tree-Swift / Dendrochelidon comatus

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-26 Wire-tailed Swallow

    Wire-tailed Swallow / Hirundo filifera

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-27 Western Mosque-Swallow

    Western Mosque-Swallow / Cecropis rufula

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-29 Indian Mosque-Swallow

    Indian Mosque-Swallow / Cecropis erythropygia

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-30 Ceylonese Mosque-Swallow

    Ceylonese Mosque-Swallow / Cecropis hyperythra

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-31 Nepal Martin-Swallow

    Nepal Martin-Swallow / Delichon Nipalensis

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-32 Bungalow Swallow

    Bungalow Swallow / Hypurolepis domicola

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-33 Indian Cliff-Swallow

    Indian Cliff-Swallow / Lagenoplastes fluvicola

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-34 Pirik Bee-eater

    Pirik Bee-eater / Merops quinticolor

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-35 Hurrial Bee-eater

    Hurrial Bee-eater / Merops viridis

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-36 Philippine Bee-eater

    Philippine Bee-eater / Merops Philippinus

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-37 Blue-throated Nyctiornis

    Blue-throated Nyctiornis / Nyctiornis Athertoni

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-38 Red-throated Nyctiornis

    Red-throated Nyctiornis / Nyctiornis amictus

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-39 Forsten's Bee-eater

    Forsten's Bee-eater / Meropogon Forsteni

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-40 Hombron's Kingfisher

    Hombron's Kingfisher / Actenoides Hombroni

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-41 Lindsay's Kingfisher

    Lindsay's Kingfisher / Actenoides Lindsayi

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-42 Sumatra Kingfisher

    Sumatra Kingfisher / Actenoides concretus

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-43 Indian Kingfisher

    Indian Kingfisher / Halcyon fusca

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-44 Manilla Kingfisher

    Manilla Kingfisher / Halcyon gularis

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-45 Black-capped Kingfisher

    Black-capped Kingfisher / Halcyon atricapillus

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-46 Black-and-white Kingfisher

    Black-and-white Kingfisher / Halcyon fulgidus

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-47 Many-coloured Kingfisher

    Many-coloured Kingfisher / Halcyon omnicolor

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-48 Banded Kingfisher

    Banded Kingfisher / Carcineutes pulchellus

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-49 Black-faced Kingfisher

    Black-faced Kingfisher / Carcineutes melanops

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-50 Tenasserim Kingfisher

    Tenasserim Kingfisher / Carcineutes amabilis

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-51 Mantled Kingfisher

    Mantled Kingfisher / Dacelo Tyro

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-52 Great Alcedo

    Great Alcedo / Alcedo grandis

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-53 Indian Kingfisher

    Indian Kingfisher / Alcedo Bengalensis

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-55 Burmesec Roller

    Burmesec Roller / Coracias affinis

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-56 Temminck's Roller

    Temminck's Roller / Coracias Temmincki

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-57 Javan Eurolaime

    Javan Eurolaime / Eurolaimus Javanicus

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-58 Hooded Eurolaime

    Hooded Eurolaime / Eurolaimus ochromelas

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-59 Great-billed Eurolaime

    Great-billed Eurolaime / Cymbirhynchus macrorhynchus

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-60 Allied Eurolaime

    Allied Eurolaime / Cymbirhynchus affinis

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-61 Great Eurolaime

    Great Eurolaime / Corydon Sumatranus

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-62 Lunated Eurolaime

    Lunated Eurolaime / Serilophusw lunatus

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-63 Red-backed Eurolaime

    Red-backed Eurolaime / Serilophus rubropygius

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-64 Dalhousie's Eurolaime

    Dalhousie's Eurolaime / Psarisoinus Dalhousiae

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-65 Steere's Broadbill

    Steere's Broadbill / SarcophanopsSteerii

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-66 Indian Hoopoe

    Indian Hoopoe / Upupa nigripennis

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-67 Duvaucel'sTrogon

    Duvaucel'sTrogon / Harpactes Duvauceli

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-68 Malacca Trogon

    Malacca Trogon / Harpactes rutilus

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-69 Hodgson'sTrogon

    Hodgson'sTrogon / Harpactes Hodgsoni

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-70 Diard's Trogon

    Diard's Trogon / Harpactes Diardi

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-71 Mountain Trogon

    Mountain Trogon / Harpactes Oreskios

  • Gould Birds of Asia-1-22 Klecho Tree-Swift

    Klecho Tree Swift / Dendrochelidon Klecho

  • Gould Birds of Asia-1-28 Daurian Mosque-Swallow

    Daurian Mosque-Swallow / Cecropis Daurica

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-75 Fasciated Trogon

    Fasciated Trogon / Harpactes fasciatus

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-74 Kasumba Trogon

    Kasumba Trogon / Harpactes Kasumba

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-73 Macklot'sTrogon

    Macklot'sTrogon / Harpactes Mackloti

  • Gould Birds of Asia I-72 Reinwardt's Trogon

    Reinwardt's Trogon / Harpactes Reinwardti


Title of the set: “The birds of Asia"

Author: John Gould (1804-1881) 

Artists: John Gould, William Matthew Hart


  • Published:1875-1888
  • Paper Size:folio size - 558 x 380 mm
  • Content: 1 title page
    1 content page with all titles of the prints
    76 facsimilées after hand-coloured lithographs 
  • Casing: The complete set will be cased in an elegant handcrafted Solander Box covered in a special linen.

Limited edition : The edition will be limited to 50 complete sets.

Original: One of Gould's greatest achievements, the Birds of Asia was in production longer than any of his other work, taking thirty-four years for the appearance of its thirty-five parts. The ornithologist was fascinated by the diversity of the exotic, colorful species of Asia, and he conveyed his enchantment to viewers, creating one of his most monumental and magnificent sets. For the preparation of The Birds of Asia, Gould’s team of artists was joined by the German-born Josef Wolf, who would become a long-term collaborator. Gould placed many of the overwhelmingly vibrant, showy and elegant birds in settings appropriately lush and detailed. Perhaps more than in any of his other productions, he was careful to create an environment that was extensively delineated and highly accurate. In many of Gould's other books, the background was subtle or nonexistent, but he was clearly fascinated by the foliage and wildlife of Asia. The Birds of Asia was an overwhelming success, despite the great length of time over which it was produced. It was also a stunning feat in that, throughout the four decades of its production, the quality remained outstandingly high. The many noted subscribers included Queen Victoria, the Emperor of Austria, the kings of Hanover, Belgium, and Portugal, museums, universities, and institutions in cities worldwide.

Source of the original: This Heritage Facsimile Edition print is made from an extremely well-preserved early museum original subscription which has been cared for in the hands of this one owner only – Teylers Museum (the oldest museum of the Netherlands).

Durability: To ensure the durability, our facsimiles are printed on 268 g/m acid-free white-edged paper with archive inkts. Each facsimile has it all: every incredibly fine line detail of every lithographic plate or engraving; every delicate brushstroke of every original ; even the subtle signs of character and patina the paper shows after 150 years.