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Elliot Family of the Pheasants

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Elliot Family of the Pheasants


Quick Overview

Elliot Family of the Pheasants
  • Taken from the original editions
  • Printed in the original size
  • Age resisting white etching paper
  • Archival ink resisting fading for 100 years
  • Highest possible resolution

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Prints in collection

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-00 Title page

    Title page

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-01 Generec characters I

    Generec characters I

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-02 Generec Characters II

    Generec Characters II

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-03 Common Peafowl

    Common Peafowl / Pavo christatus

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-04 Blackshouldered Peafowl

    Blackshouldered Peafowl / Pavo nigripennis

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-05 Pavo nigripennis

    Pavo nigripennis / Pavo Muticus

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-06 Common Polyplectron

    Common Polyplectron / Polyplectron Thibetanum

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-07 Iris Polyplectron

    Iris Polyplectron / Polyplectron Bicalcaratum

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-08 Germain’s Polyplectron

    Germain’s Polyplectron / Polyplectron Germaini

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-09 Napoleon's Polyplectron

    Napoleon's Polyplectron / Polyplectron Emphanum

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-10 Sumatran Polyplectron

    Sumatran Polyplectron / Polyplectron Chalcurum

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-11 Great Argus Pheasant

    Great Argus Pheasant / Argus Giganteus

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-12 Gray’s Argus Pheasant

    Gray’s Argus Pheasant / Argus Grayi

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-13 Argus ocellatus

    Argus ocellatus / Argus bipunctatus

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-14 Hodgson’s Eared Pheasant

    Hodgson’s Eared Pheasant / Crossoptilon Thibetanum

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-15 Drouyn’s Eared Pheasant

    Drouyn’s Eared Pheasant / Crossoptilon Drouynii

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-16 Mantchurian Eared Pheasant

    Mantchurian Eared Pheasant / Crossoptilon mantchuricum

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-17 Pallas’s Eared Pheasant

    Pallas’s Eared Pheasant / Crossoptilon Auritum

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-18 Himalayan Monal Pheasant

    Himalayan Monal Pheasant / Lophophorus Impeyanus

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-19 de l’Huys’s Monal

    de l’Huys’s Monal / Lophophorus l’Huysii

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-20 Sclater’s Monal

    Sclater’s Monal / Lophophorus Sclateri

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-21 Mou-pin Pheasant

    Mou-pin Pheasant / Tetraophasis Obscurus

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-22 Horned Tragopan

    Horned Tragopan / Ceriornis Satyra

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-23 Black-headed Tragopan

    Black-headed Tragopan / Ceriornis Melanocephala

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-24 Temminck’s Tragopan

    Temminck’s Tragopan / Ceriornis Temminckii

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-25 Cabot’s Tragopan

    Cabot’s Tragopan / Ceriornis Caboti

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-26 Blyth’s Tragopan

    Blyth’s Tragopan / Ceriornis Blythii

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-27 Pucras Pheasant

    Pucras Pheasant / Pucrasia Macrolopha

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-28 Duvaucel’s Pucras Pheasant

    Duvaucel’s Pucras Pheasant / Pucrasia Duvaucelii

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-29 Buff-spotted Pucrasia

    Buff-spotted Pucrasia / Pucrasia Xanthospila

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-30 Darwin’s Pucras Pheasant

    Darwin’s Pucras Pheasant / Pucrasia Darwini

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-31 Wild Turkey

    Wild Turkey / Meleagris Gallopavo

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-32 Mexican Turkey

    Mexican Turkey / Meleagris Mexicana

  • Elliot the Pheasants-1-33 Ocellated Turkey

    Ocellated Turkey / Meleagris Ocellata

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-01 Shaw’s Pheasant

    Shaw’s Pheasant / Phasianus Shawii

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-02 Common Pheasant

    Common Pheasant / Phasianus Colchicus

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-03 Yark and Pheasant

    Yarkand Pheasant / Phasianus Insignis

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-04 Mongolian Pheasant

    Mongolian Pheasant / Phasianus Mongolicus

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-05 Ring-necked Pheasant

    Ring-necked Pheasant / Phasianus Torquatus

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-06 Formosan Pheasant

    Formosan Pheasant / Phasianus Formosanus

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-07 Ringless Chinese Pheasant

    Ringless Chinese Pheasant / Phasianus Decollatus

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-08 Greenback Golden Pheasant

    Greenback Golden Pheasant / Phasianus Elegans

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-09 Japanese Pheasant

    Japanese Pheasant / Phasianus Versicolor

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-10 Wallich’s Pheasant

    Wallich’s Pheasant / Phasianus Wallachii

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-11 Reeves’s Pheasant

    Reeves’s Pheasant / Phasianus Reevesii

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-12 Sommering’s Pheasant

    Sommering’s Pheasant / Phasianus Soemmerringii

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-13 Phasianus Soemmerringi var. Scintillans


  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-14 Elliot’s Pheasant

    Elliot’s Pheasant / Calophasis Ellioti

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-15 Lady Amherst’s Pheasant

    Lady Amherst’s Pheasant / Thaumalia Amherstiae

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-16 Golden Pheasant

    Golden Pheasant / Thaumalia Picta

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-17 Black-throated Golden Pheasant

    Black-throated Golden Pheasant / Thaumalia Obscura

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-18 Hybrid Pheasant

    Hybrid Pheasant

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-19 White-crested Kaleeche

    White-crested Kaleeche / Euplocamus Albocristatus

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-20 Black-backed Kaleeche

    Black-backed Kaleeche / Euplocamus Melanotus

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-21 Hornsfield’s Kaleeche

    Hornsfield’s Kaleeche / Euplocamus Horsfieldi

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-22 Silver Pheasant

    Silver Pheasant / Euplocamus Nycthemerus

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-23 Anderson’s Pheasant

    Anderson’s Pheasant / Euplocamus Andersoni

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-24 Lineated Pheasant

    Lineated Pheasant / Euplocamus Lineatus

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-25 Siamese Fireback

    Siamese Fireback / Euplocamus Praelatus

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-26 Swinhoe’s Pheasant

    Swinhoe’s Pheasant / Euplocamus Swinhoii

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-27 Fire-back Pheasant

    Fire-back Pheasant / Euplocamus Ignitus

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-28 Bornean Fire-back

    Bornean Fire-back / Euplocamus Nobilis

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-29 Rufous-tail Pheasant

    Rufous-tail Pheasant / Euplocomus Erythrophthalmus

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-30 Bornean Fire-back Pheasant

    Bornean Fire-back Pheasant / Euplocamus Pyronotus

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-31 Blood Pheasant

    Blood Pheasant / Ithaginis Cruentus

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-32 Geoffroy’s Blood Pheasant

    Geoffroy’s Blood Pheasant / Ithaginis Geoffroyii

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-33 Red Jungle-fowl

    Red Jungle-fowl / Gallus Ferrugineus

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-34 Lafayette’s Jungle-fowl

    Lafayette’s Jungle-fowl / Gallus Lafayettii

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-35 Sonnerat’s Jungle-fowl

    Sonnerat’s Jungle-fowl / Gallus Sonnerati

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-36 Forked-tail Jungle-fowl

    Forked-tail Jungle-fowl / Gallus Varius

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-37 Black Phasis

    Black Phasis / Phasidus Niger

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-38 African Agelastes

    African Agelastes / Agelastes Meleagrides

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-39 Vulturine Guinea-fowl

    Vulturine Guinea-fowl / Accryllium Vulturinum

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-40 Common Guinea-fowl

    Common Guinea-fowl / Numida Meleagris

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-41 Crowned Guinea-fowl

    Crowned Guinea-fowl / Numida Coronata

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-42 Tiara’d Guinea-fowl

    Tiara’d Guinea-fowl / Numida Mitrata

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-43 Abyssinian Guinea-fowl

    Abyssinian Guinea-fowl / Numida Ptilorhyncha

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-44 The Kiroro Guinea-fowl

    The Kiroro Guinea-fowl / Numida Granti

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-45 Verreaux’s Guinea-fowl

    Verreaux’s Guinea-fowl / Numida Verreauxi

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-46 Crested Guinea-fowl

    Crested Guinea-fowl / Numida Christata

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-47 Pucheran.s Guinea-fowl

    Pucheran.s Guinea-fowl / Numida Pucheran

  • Elliot the Pheasants-2-48 Cassin’s Guinea-fowl

    Cassin’s Guinea-fowl / Numida Plumifera


A Certified facsimile or actual-size print. We offer a true quality nobody has; and for a price nobody is offering you for a comparable quality. This print was photographed using the latest technology, with a color-checker colour matched to the original illustration and then reproduced at the original plate size. A Museum Quality Limited Edition print, actual-size, signed, numbered and blind stamped. Indistinguishable form the original when glazed and framed.

Title of the set: The Monograph of the PhasianidaeFamily of the Pheasants

Authort: Daniel Giraud Elliot (1835-1915)

Artist: Josef Mathias Wolf (1820-1899)


  • Published:1870-1872
  • Paper Size:imperial folio size ( 60.0 x 47.0 cm; 23.6 x 18.5 inches)
  • Content: 1 title page
    1 content page with all titles of the prints
    81 plates after J. Wolf
  • Casing: The complete set will be cased in an elegant handcrafted Solander Box covered in a special linen.

Limited edition : The edition will be limited to 50 complete sets.

Delivery time: As the Solander box (casing) will be made on demand by our best professional bookbinder, we must ask for a delivery time of 3-4 weeks after receiving your payment.

Source of the original : This Heritage Facsimile Edition print is made from an extremely well-preserved early museum original subscription which has been cared for in the hands of this one owner only – Teylers Museum (the oldest museum of the Netherlands).

Museum Quality: The proofs of our prints are carefully compared and corrected with the originals and the final prints always have the original size. As a result, the naked eye is unable to distinguish the originals from the facsimile prints when framed and glazed.

Durability: To ensure the durability, our facsimiles are printed on acid-free white-edged paper with archive inks. Each facsimile has it all: every incredibly fine line detail of every lithographic plate or engraving; every delicate brushstroke of every original.

Original: 79 fine hand-coloured lithographic plates, 1 folding; after Joseph Wolf by J. Smit and J.G. Keulemans, 2 uncoloured plates of generic characteristics.
The most splendid of Elliots great monographs, issued in 6 parts between June 1870 and October 1872, and described by Sitwell as 'the equal in every way to any work by Gould'. R.M. Mengel went further, noting that 'of the great nineteenth-century ornithological monographs, none save Audubon's is so sumptuous' .
The large size of the plates allied with the meticulous way in which they are coloured, gives them a magnificence which reflects the importance which Elliot attached to the Phasianidae. Of all the families in the ornithological system, he regarded it as the one most vital to the human race, 'containing within it the species that afford food for thousands of mankind, and also those which are the original source of all the domestic poultry met with throughout the civilized world.' He generously dedicated the work 'To my friend Joseph Wolf... whose unrivalled talent has graced this work with its chief attraction, and whose marvellous power of delineating animal life renders him unequalled in our time'.