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Elliot Family of the Hornbills

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Elliot Family of the Hornbills


Quick Overview

A Monograph of the Bucerotidae - Family of the Hornbills
  • Taken from the original editions
  • Printed in the original size
  • Age resisting white etching paper
  • Archival ink resisting fading for 100 years
  • Highest possible resolution

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Prints in collection

  • Elliot the Hornbills 03 Ground Hornbill

    Ground Hornbill / Bucorvus Abyssinicus

  • Elliot the Hornbills 04 Red Faced Ground Hornbill

    Red-Faced Ground Hornbill / Bucorvus Pyrrhops

  • Elliot the Hornbills 05 Cafer Ground Hornbill

    Cafer Ground-Hornbill / Bucorvus Abyssinicus

  • Elliot the Hornbills 06 Rhinoceros Hornbill

    Rhinoceros Hornbilll / Buceros Rhinoceros

  • Elliot the Hornbills 07 Javan Rhinoceros Hornbill

    Javan Rhinoceros Hornbill / Buceros Sylvestris

  • Elliot the Hornbills 08 The Homrai

    The Homrai / Dichoceros Bicornis

  • Elliot the Hornbills 09 Flat Casque Hornbill

    Flat-Casque Hornbill / Hydrocorax Planicornis

  • Elliot the Hornbills 10 Mindanao Flat Casque Hornbill

    Mindanao Flat-Casque Hornbill / Hydrocorax Mindanensis

  • Elliot the Hornbills 11 Semi Helmeted Hornbill

    Semi-Helmeted Hornbill / Hydrocorax Semigaleatus

  • Elliot the Hornbills 12 Helmeted Hornbill

    Helmeted Hornbill / Rhinoplax Vigil

  • Elliot the Hornbills 13 Crowned Hornbill

    Crowned Hornbill / Anthracoceros Coronatus

  • Elliot the Hornbills 14 Temmincks Pied Hornbill

    Temminck’s Pied Hornbill / Anthracoceros Convexus

  • Elliot the Hornbills 15 Pied Hornbill

    Pied Hornbill / Anthracoceros Malabaricus

  • Elliot the Hornbills 16 Cochin China Pied Hornbill

    Cochin-China Pied Hornbill / Anthracoceros Fraterculus

  • Elliot the Hornbills 17 White billed Hornbill

    White-billed Hornbill / Anthracoceros Malayanus

  • Elliot the Hornbills 18 Celebes Hornbill

    Celebes Hornbill / Cranorrhinus Cassidix

  • Elliot the Hornbills 19 Wrinkled bill Hornbill

    Wrinkled-bill Hornbill / Cranorrhinus Corrugatus

  • Elliot the Hornbills 20 Lord Waldens Hornbill

    Lord Walden’s Hornbill / Cranorrhinus Walden

  • Elliot the Hornbills 21 White Headed Hornbill

    White-Headed Hornbill / Cranorrhinus Leucocephalus

  • Elliot the Hornbills 22 Manilla Hornbill

    Manilla Hornbill / Penelopides Manillae

  • Elliot the Hornbills 23 Panayan Hornbill

    Panayan Hornbill / Penelopides Panini

  • Elliot the Hornbills 24 Allied Hornbill

    Allied Hornbill / Penelopides Affinis

  • Elliot the Hornbills 25 Yellow Casque Black Hornbill

    Yellow-Casque Black Hornbill / Ceratgymna Elata

  • Elliot the Hornbills 26 Black Hornbill

    Black Hornbill / Sphagolobus Atratus

  • Elliot the Hornbills 27 Sooloo Hornbill

    Sooloo Hornbill / Limonophalus Montani

  • Elliot the Hornbills 28 Crested Hornbill

    Crested Hornbill / Bycanistes Cristatus

  • Elliot the Hornbills 29 Trumpeter Hornbill

    Trumpeter Hornbill / Bycanistes Buccinator

  • Elliot the Hornbills 30 Black and White Casque Hornbill

    Black-and-White-Casque Hornbill / Bycanistes Subquadratus

  • Elliot the Hornbills 31 Slaters Hornbill

    Slater’s Hornbill / Bycanistes Subcylindricus

  • Elliot the Hornbills 32 Cylindrical Hornbill

    Cylindrical Hornbill / Bycanistes Cylindricus

  • Elliot the Hornbills 33 Loango White Thighed Hornbill

    Loango White-Thighed Hornbill / Bycanistes Albotibialis

  • Elliot the Hornbills 34 Cassins Hornbill

    Cassin’s Hornbill / Pholidophalus Fistulator

  • Elliot the Hornbills 35 Sharpes Hornbill

    Sharpe’s Hornbill / Pholidophalus Sharpii

  • Elliot the Hornbills 36 Grays Hornbill

    Gray’s Hornbill / Pholidophalus Casuarinus

  • Elliot the Hornbills 37 Wreathed Hornbill

    Wreathed Hornbill / Rhytidoceros Undulatus

  • Elliot the Hornbills 38 Blyths Wreathed Hornbill

    Blyth’s Wreathed Hornbill / Rhytidoceros Subruficollis

  • Elliot the Hornbills 39 Papuan Wreathed Hornbill

    Papuan Wreathed Hornbill / Rhytidoceros Plicatus

  • Elliot the Hornbills 40 Narcondam Island Wreathed Hornbill

    Narcondam Island Wreathed Hornbill / Rhytidoceros Narcondami

  • Elliot the Hornbills 41 Long Crested Hornbill

    Long-Crested Hornbill / Anorrhinus Comatus

  • Elliot the Hornbills 42 White Crested Hornbill

    White-Crested Hornbill / Anorrhinus Albocristatus

  • Elliot the Hornbills 43 Fantee White Crested Hornbill

    Anorrhinus Leucolophus / Aceros Nepalensis

  • Elliot the Hornbills 44 Bushy-Crested Hornbill

    Bushy-Crested Hornbill / Anorrhinus Galeritus

  • Elliot the Hornbills 45 Tickells Hornbill

    Tickell' s Hornbill / Anorrhinus Tickelli

  • Elliot the Hornbills 46 Rufous Necked Hornbill

    Rufous-Necked Hornbill / Aceros Nepalensis

  • Elliot the Hornbills 47 White Cheeked Hornbill

    White-Cheeked Hornbill / Hydrocissa Exarata

  • Elliot the Hornbills 48 Black Billed Hornbill

    Black-Billed Hornbill / Lophoceros Nasutusi

  • Elliot the Hornbills 49 Gingi Hornbill

    Gingi Hornbill / Lophoceros Birostris

  • Elliot the Hornbills 50 Black and White Hornbill

    Black-and-White Hornbill / Tockus Melanoleucus

  • Elliot the Hornbills 51 Allied Hornbill

    Allied Hornbill / Tockus Semifasciatus

  • Elliot the Hornbills 52 Yellow Billed Hornbill

    Yellow-Billed Hornbill / Tockus Flavirostris

  • Elliot the Hornbills 53 Hemprichs Hornbill

    Hemprich’s Hornbill / Tockus Hemprichii

  • Elliot the Hornbills 54 Monteiros Hornbill

    Monteiro’s Hornbill / Tockus Monteiri

  • Elliot the Hornbills 55 Jungle Grey Hornbill

    Jungle Grey Hornbill / Tockus Griseus

  • Elliot the Hornbills 56 Ceylonese Grey Hornbill

    Ceylonese Grey Hornbill / Tockus Gingalensis

  • Elliot the Hornbills 57 Red Billed Hornbill

    Red-Billed Hornbill / Tockus Erythrorhynchus

  • Elliot the Hornbills 58 Von der Deckens Hornbill

    von der Decken’s Hornbill / Tockus Deckeni

  • Elliot the Hornbills 59 Hartlaubs Hornbill

    Hartlaub’s Hornbill / Tockus Hartlaubi

  • Elliot the Hornbills 60 Cassins Pygmy Hornbill

    Cassin’s Pygmy Hornbill / Tockus Camurus


We offer a true quality nobody has; and for a price nobody is offering you for a comparable quality. This print was photographed using the latest technology, colour matched to the original illustration and then reproduced at the original plate size. A Museum Quality Limited Edition print, original size, signed, numbered and blind stamped. Indistinguishable from the original when glazed and framed.

Title of the set: Elliot Family of the Hornbills

Authort: Daniel Giraud Elliot (March 7, 1835 - December 22, 1915)

Artist: Joseph Wolf


  • Published:1870-1872
  • Paper Size: Folio size (37.5 x 28.4 cm)
  • Content: 1 title page
    1 content page with all titles of the prints
    57 facsimiles after the originals of J G Keulemans and 3 uncoloured plates by and after Joseph Smit)

About the originals: Our set is msde from a fine copy of this 'comprehensive treatment of the entire family of hornbills' (Zimmer) from one of the best known American ornithologists of the second half of the nineteenth century, with illustrations by Keulemans, the most popular ornithological artist of the period.
This is the important first monograph on this widely scattered family of extraordinary birds. "The Bucerotidae are pretty equally divided at the present day between the Ethiopian and Oriental Regions, the first having twenty-seven and the latter twenty-nine species, while but a few... are scattered about the islands of the Malay archipelago" (introduction). Hornbills are extraordinary not only for their physical appearance but also for their behavior - the most noteworthy shared trait amongst the species is the male's habit of "enclosing the female in the hollow of some tree, firmly fastening her in by a wall of mud, and keeping her close prisoner until the eggs are hatched" (introduction). The male will feed the female through a slit in the wall whilst she incubates the eggs. She will only break through the wall of mud and leave the nest once the young have hatched, at which point the wall is rebuilt and remains in place until the young are ready to fly.
The bizarre beauty of this species is here ably captured by Keulemans highly accurate and beautifully observed plates. Keulemans was born in Rotterdam, Holland, in 1842, but worked and lived chiefly in England, working on most of the important ornithological monographs and periodicals published between about 1870 and his death in London in 1912. He was 'undoubtedly the most popular bird artist of his day as well as being the most prolific. He was gifted with a superb sense of draughtsman-ship and revealed his considerable versatility in capturing the significant subtleties of color, form, and expression in the birds... represented in his various illustrations'
This Facsimile Edition is a true authentic publication. The Heritage Facsimile Edition is an authentic facsimile of the original work as we have always started from the originals and compared the proofs with the originals at the museum. The facsimile prints are therefore absolutely faithful to the originals, being of the same size printed on acid-free paper with archive inks, and thus are difficult to separate visually from the originals. Hence, they are of great archival value, and are in any case rare prints in their own right. The printing is so accurate that framed and glazed, the naked eye is unable to distinguish the original from the facsimile.

Casing: The complete set will be cased in an elegant handcrafted Solander Box covered in a special dark maroon linen.

Limited edition : The edition will be limited to 20 complete sets.

Delivery time: As the Solander box (casing) will be made on demand by our best professional bookbinder, we must ask for a delivery time of 3-4 weeks after receiving your payment.