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Complete Set Elliot Birds of Paradise

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  • Complete Set Elliot Birds of Paradise

Elliot Birds of Paradise


Quick Overview

Elliot Birds of Paradise
  • Taken from the original editions
  • Printed in the original size
  • Age resisting white etching paper
  • Archival ink resisting fading for 100 years
  • Highest possible resolution

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Shipping costs unframed prints:

per order Rest of the World: USD $38

per order EU: USD $25

per order NL: USD $16


Prints in collection

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-01 Greater Bird of Paradise

    Paradisea Apoda / Greater Bird of Paradise

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-02 Marquis Raggi's Bird of Paradise

    Marquis Raggi's Bird of Paradise / Paradisea Raggiana

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-03 Lesser Bird of Paradise

    Lesser Bird of Paradise / Paradisea Minor

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-04 Red Bird of Paradise

    Red Bird of Paradise / Paradisea Sanguinea

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-05 Green Manucode

    Green Manucode / Manucodia Chalybeus

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-06 Glossy mantled Manucode

    Glossy-mantled Manucode / Manucodia Atra

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-07 Keraudrens Manucode

    Keraudrens Manucode / Manucodia Keraudreni

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-08 Arfak Astrapia

    Arfak Astrapia / Astrapia Nigra

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-09 Six plumed Bird of Paradise

    Six-plumed Bird of Paradise / Parotia Sexpennis

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-10 Superb Bird Of Paradise

    Superb Bird Of Paradise / Lophorina Atra

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-11 Magnificent Bird of Paradise

    Magnificent Bird of Paradise / Diphyllodes Speciosa

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-12 Golden winged Bird of Paradise

    Golden-winged Bird of Paradise / Diphyllodes Chrysoptera

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-13 Wilson's Bird of Paradise

    Wilson's Bird of Paradise / Diphyllodes Respublica

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-14 Golden Bird of Paradise

    Golden Bird of Paradise / Xanthomelus Aureus

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-15 King Bird of Paradise

    King Bird of Paradise / Cicinnurus Recius

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-16 Long tailed Paradigalla

    Long-tailed Paradigalla / Paradigalla Carunculata

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-17 Wallaces Standardwing

    Wallaces Standardwing / Semioptera Wallacii

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-18 Great sickle bill bird

    Great Sickle-bill Bird / Epimachus Speciosus

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-19 Elliots Sicklebill

    Elliot’s Sicklebill / Epimachus Eliotti

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-20 D'Albertis's Bird of Paradise

    D'Albertis's Bird of Paradise / Dreparnornis Albertisi

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-21 Twelve wire Paradise Bird

    Twelve-wire Paradise Bird / Seleucides Alba

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-22 Magnificent Riflebird

    Magnificent Riflebird / Ptiloris Magnificus

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-23 Prince Albert's Rifle Bird

    Prince Albert's Rifle Bird / Ptiloris Albert

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-24 Paradise Riflebird

    Paradise Riflebird / Ptiloris Paradiseus

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-25 Victorias Riflebird

    Victorias Riflebird / Ptiloris Victoriae

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-26 Regent Bird

    Regent Bird / Sericulus Melinus

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-27 Satin Bowerbird

    Satin Bowerbird / Ptilonorhynchus Violaceus

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-28 Rawnsley's Satin Bird

    Rawnsley's Satin Bird / Ptilonorhynchus Rawnsleyi

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-29 Spotted Bowerbird

    Spotted Bowerbird / Chlamydodera Maculata

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-30 Great Grey Bowerbird

    Great Grey Bowerbird / Chlamydodera Nugalis

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-31 Buff breasted Bower bird

    Buff-breasted Bower-bird / Chlamydodera Cervineiventris

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-32 Yellow breasted Bower bird

    Yellow breasted Bower bird / Chlamydodera Xanthogastra

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-33 Green Catbird

    Green Catbird / Ailuraedus Crassirostris

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-34 Spotted Catbird or Black eared Catbird

    Spotted Catbird or Black eared Catbird / Ailuraedus Melanotus

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-35 White eared Catbird

    White eared Catbird / Ailuraedus Buccoides

  • Elliot the Birds of Paradise-36 Vogelkop Bowerbird

    Vogelkop Bowerbird / Amblyornis Inornatus


A Certified facsimile or actual-size print. We offer a true quality nobody has; and for a price nobody is offering you for a comparable quality. This print was photographed using the latest technology, with a color-checker colour matched to the original illustration and then reproduced at the original plate size. A Museum Quality Limited Edition print, actual-size, signed, numbered and blind stamped. Indistinguishable form the original when glazed and framed.

Title of the set: "Birds of Paradise"

Author: Daniel Giraud Elliot (March 7, 1835 - December 22, 1915)

Artist: Joseph Wolf


  • Published:1870-1872
  • Paper Size: Imperial folio size ( 60.0 x 47.0 cm; 23.6 x 18.5 inches)
  • Content: 1 title page
    1 content page with all titles of the prints
    36 plates after J. Wolf
  • Casing: The complete set will be cased in an elegant handcrafted Solander Box covered in a special dark maroon linen.

Limited edition : The edition will be limited to 20 complete sets.

Delivery time: As the Solander box (casing) will be made on demand by our best professional bookbinder, we must ask for a delivery time of 3-4 weeks after receiving your payment.

Source of the original : This Heritage Facsimile Edition print is made from an extremely well-preserved early museum original subscription which has been cared for in the hands of this one owner only – Teylers Museum (the oldest museum of the Netherlands).

Museum Quality: The proofs of our prints are carefully compared and corrected with the originals and the final prints always have the original size. As a result, the naked eye is unable to distinguish the originals from the facsimile prints when framed and glazed.

Durability: To ensure the durability, our facsimiles are printed on acid-free white-edged paper with archive inks. Each facsimile has it all: every incredibly fine line detail of every lithographic plate or engraving; every delicate brushstroke of every original.

Original: Birds of Paradise, painted by Joseph Wolf, who was 'without exception, the best all-round animal artist who ever lived' (Sir Edwin Landseer).
Ornithological illustration reached its height during the golden age of lithography. Joseph Wolf is pre-eminent amongst the ornithological artists of the day: he was the first bird artist to fully understand and use the new freedom of style that lithography allowed. The lithographic crayon suited Wolf's drawing style, transforming his soft expressive lines and subtle suggestions of movement into a printable image. His work set a new standard in life-like representations and Wolf's skill at capturing the essential character of his subjects also breathed life into the stiff "bird on a perch" portrayals so characteristic of bird art of the day. The plates in Elliot's Monograph of the Birds of Paradise, 'almost as magnificent as the birds they portray, were the fruits of Elliot's considerable wealth, Wolf's great artistry and both men's profound knowledge and love of birds' (Dance). Elliot writes in the preface `The drawings of Mr. Wolf will, I am sure, receive the admiration of those who see them; for, like all that artist's productions, they cannot be surpassed, if equalled, at the present time. Mr. J. Smit has lithographed the drawings with his usual conscientious fidelity, and in his share of the work has left me nothing to desire... In the coloring of the plates Mr. J.D. White has faithfully followed the originals; and in the difficult portions where it was necessary to produce the metallic hues, he has been very successful'.
Elliot’s imperial folio edition was hand-made for a small select group of subscribers. Recent documentary evidence suggests that the lithograph stones to this work were destroyed after only 150 copies were taken (see Sotheby’s London, 5 June 2001). Despite this work’s American origin, it is rare in the United States. Of the 119 copies in the subscriber's list, only 13 were intended for Americans.