Birds of America Special Edition Heritage Prints

Birds of America Heritage Prints Special Edition

New from Heritage Prints‘Birds of America’ Special Edition See all Special Edition Prints Audubon’s engravings have so far only been reproduced in the original format (double elephant folio, 40 x 55 inches) which takes up a considerable wall space when framed. Heritage Prints has therefor responded to demand and produced a Special Edition of Audubon’s […]

Map of Rome by Giambattista Nolli A wish come true

Map of Rome by Giambattista Nolli

Map of Rome by Giambattista Nolli A wish come true A few weeks ago I was asked to help one of our relatives fulfill a long-held wish. He really wanted the beautifully detailed 1748 map of Rome from Giambattista Nolli’s Pianta Grande de Roma. How did we help him? I will tell you. But first […]

Audubon’s Birds of Prey and the missing hunter

Audubon's Birds of Prey and the missing hunter

Audubon’s Golden Eagle and the missing hunter The largest bird of prey in America is the Golden Eagle. Audubon painted the bird in all its glory, flying over cold icy peaks, clutching a Northern Hare in its strong talons. In the bottom left-hand corner of the original painting, a hunter is seen crossing the log […]

Audubon, Gould en Nozeman in Teylers Museum: Vogelpracht

Compilatie Zwaluw Swallow Audubon Gould Nozeman Vogelpracht Teylers Heritage Prints

Een dagje Haarlem: Vogelpracht in Teylers Museum Geweldig dat de musea in Nederland weer geopend zijn. Ik hoop dat dit ook komende maanden zo zal zijn, want de expositie Vogelpracht in Teylers Museum in Haarlem loopt van 17 juli 2021 tot en met 9 januari 2022 en is de moeite waard.  Binnenkort ga ik met […]

Audubon’s Herons are alive

Audubon's Herons are alive. Louisiana Heron Plate 217. Facsimile Giclee Print. Heritage Prints

Audubon’s Herons are alive Whenever I see Audubon’s paintings I am impressed by the vibrancy, the use of colour and the way he managed to capture these large birds on the paper. His herons actually seem to be alive, and I would like to share with you some of my observation. Life size images on […]

Audubon’s Wild Turkey sparkles with gold colored metallic paint

Audubon 001 Wild Turkey Birds of America Museum quality giclée print

Audubon made his work sparkle with gold colored paint Audubon used a variety of techniques to create his drawings of birds. Audubon’s simple works are made in watercolor and graphite, or in pastel and graphite, but he often used a combination of techniques. He found it challenging to use gouache, oil paint, chalk and even […]

The Temple of Flora: Complete Set Facsimile Giclee

Roses by Robert Thornton – Temple of Flora, or Garden of Nature – Museum Quality Giclee Print – Heritage Prints Facsimile

The Temple of Flora by Robert Thornton The complete set facsimile giclee is taken from the original edition in Teylers Museum, Haarlem, the Netherlands. 30 Giclee prints after the hand-colored originals, and a certificate of authenticity are included.  The 30 facsimile giclee prints are presented in a handcrafted Solander Box with gold lettering. Papersize is […]

Audubon Part 1 – Including the Wild Turkey

Audubon 001 Wild Turkey Birds of America Museum quality giclée print

Audubon Part 1 Audubon’s illustrations were published in 87 Parts between 1827 and 1838 and the total collection numbers 435 paintings. The cost of buying a complete collection immediately is beyond the dreams of most collectors, so Heritage Prints has devised a system to enable this dream to come to be realised over time. Part […]

How your giclée print wil look on your wall in real life

How your giclée print will look on your wall

How your giclée print will look on your wall in real life When you visit the website and find a print that you like, it is often difficult to imagine what it would look like in your home. Do the colors of the print match with my interior? What is the size of the print […]

Our rigorous process of printing your individual facsimile

Re-art cheques the giclée print Heritage Prints A giclée print is not a poster

Our prints are not posters; they are perfect facsimiles Our prints are not posters; they are perfect facsimiles. They are identical to the originals, and your response to them will be identical to your appreciation for the original great artworks. The process of creating a facsimile Founder Gies Pluim in Teylers Museum The process of creating […]